A Makeover for Gaming’s Best Analytics Site

The mission was simple: Create a new website for Arsenal that is visually up to par with the service itself. As a company that serves the needs of influencers and brands alike, it was of the upmost importance to put their best foot forward.

Colors Used

Arsenal’s color palette is already delightful to design with, so there was no need to switch things up. With a shade of turquoise that could perfectly contrast the midnight blue backgrounds to create striking calls to action, it was easy to create areas to draw the eyes to.

Midnight Blue




Navy Blue


Major Improvement 1

Features Made Prominent

One of the first things I noticed while viewing Arsenal’s old site was the lack of features on the homepage. Seeing as this is the meat of what the brand offers, making it’s benefits clear was an immediate first step.

Major Improvement 2

Bold Calls to Action

Arsenal offers both brands and influencers the opportunity to sign up for a demo of their service. This is a powerful first step in a sales funnel, so I made it a point to upgrade them from a single Request Demo button to several scattered throughout the experience.